Tranquility Massage by Christina Boggs
Serenity Found Wellness / Young Living with Essential Oils


I love your massages. New client text day after massage saying I have more feeling in my arm then I have in over 5 yrs. Regular client I don't call you my Massage Therapist because you help me with so much more and that is why I call you my Physical Therapist . Because you help physically with so many more things. New client. You have such a nice touch. Hospice pt  Does your family know what a difference you make in the lives of your clients, your really special to us. Long term client. I love your homemade lotion my skin feels amazing. Mobile client. Your lip balm is wonderful its the only one I use, and I use it all the time. Waitress.  I like your lip balm so much. I must have some to give to my girlfriends. Neighbor.  I love your lotion bars and would love some for my friends. Networking. I won your gift basket and I love your products. Speaker. I feel completely renewed. My back pain is completely gone that I had everyday before. Referral. Oh my goodness know I love coconut hibiscus, this lotion smell amazing. I love your.lotion. Colleague.Wow you are an Angel you helped me so much. New client. I love it when your here it always smell so good. Aide I love your massages. Long time client.

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